Vaccines Efficacy and Safety

Vaccine efficacy is ability of a vaccine that brings about the intended beneficial effects on vaccinated individuals in a defined population under ideal conditions of use. Example:  promotion of health and well – being, and protection from illness and its physical, psychological and socioeconomic consequences- must weighed against the potential risk of an adverse event following immunization with that vaccine. Vaccine  are associated with  high risk, It  is the chance of an adverse or unwanted outcome occurring, and the severity of the resulting harm to the health of vaccinated individuals in a defined population following immunization with a vaccine under the perfect conditions of use.  Vaccine safety that controlling authorities must establish is the risk and benefit assessment of immunization with a particular vaccine in a defined population.

Vaccines are very safe and effective. Because vaccines are given to the millions of healthy people including children to prevent many serious diseases, they are held to very high safety standards. Before vaccines are recommended for use it is tested in labs. This process can take several years. Food and drug Administration uses the information from these tests to decide whether to test the vaccine with people.

During a clinical trial, a vaccines are tested on people who volunteer to get vaccinated and clinical trials are started with 20 to 100 volunteers but eventually include thousands of volunteers.

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