Stem Cell Immunology

Stem cell immunology is the pluripotent stem cells and they have ability to generate any one of the cell types that contribute adult tissue and it offers the significant potential for cell replacement therapies for the treatment of chronic disease and degenerative diseases. Stem cells are the building blocks of life. They are the foundation which our bodies are built.

Stem cell Immunology is a field of medical research studying human and animal stem cells. Stem cells are naturally occurring cells which are essential to the growth and regeneration of organisms. Stem cells are already used for the therapeutic purposes; research suggests potential future benefits of stem cells in many fields of medicine. It occurs in all multicellular organisms and they are capable of transforming into any of the specialized cells necessary for the growth and maintenance of organs. In developing embryos, Stem cells become the necessary for the formation of various organs. In later life stem cells replenishes these organs by replacing dead or diseased cells. One of these functions of stem cell technology is to achieve better understanding of this complex process.

Stem cells in bone marrow replenish in body blood cells. Bone marrow transplants, a common treatment for leukemia patients are form of stem cell technology.

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