Plant Vaccines & Veterinary Vaccines

Vaccines are means of reducing the infectious diseases. Plant vaccines are plant derived vaccines which can be administered orally or other mucosal membranes. Plants develop different groups of proteins which are of pharmaceutical significance at a high yield, which result in inexpensive products. Oral administration of the vaccines is important as it reduces the use of needles and syringes. 

Many vaccine types can be differentiated among second generation veterinary vaccines based on live or attenuated vaccine. These vaccines are administered to domestic or wild animals wither orally or parentally according to vaccine characteristics. Highly immunogenic inactivated cell cultures which are used to immunize dogs are now available widely in the international market. Trend for transfer of modern cell culture technology for veterinary vaccine production is increasing worldwide more particularly in Asia.

These vaccines are of 3 types: Killed, modified live vaccines, Recombinant vaccines. Killed vaccines are the safest vaccines because they are completely inactivated without any risk of reverting and turning into more infective. Modified are like wild pathogen they provide strong and long-lasting immunity but are not completely inactivated.

Third generation of live veterinary vaccines were developed using recombinant technology. Depending on expression system they are either administered orally or parentally. Oral rabies vaccines are widely used in foxes and raccoons.

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