Onco-immunology is a branch of biology and it deals with the immune system in the evolution and development of cancer. In this the most well-known function is cancer immunotherapy, where immune system is used to treat cancer. Immunotherapy is treatment which uses a person’s own immune system to fight against cancer. Immunotherapy can change or improve how the immune system works and also how it can find and attack the cancer cells. Immunotherapy treatment that uses in certain parts of person’s immune system to fight against the cancer. Stimulating and improving the natural defenses of your immune system. So, that it can work faster and smarter to find and attack the cancer cells. Making of components in lab that are just like immune system components and these components will be also used to restore and improve to check how your immune system fight against the cancer.


Types of cancer immunotherapy:


In Checkpoint inhibitors, the drugs basically restrict the immune system and will helps to observe and attack the cancer cells. Cytokines are the small proteins which will carry the messages between the cells to stimulation of immune system to attack the cancer. Cancer vaccines are the substances which will put into the body to start immune responses to fight against to the cancer; usually these are given to healthy people to help in preventing the infections. Few vaccines can also help to prevent or treat cancer. An Oncolytic virus is the treatment which is used to modify in the lab to infect and kill the tumor cells. Monoclonal antibodies are man-made translation of immune system proteins; mostly mAbs can be useful in treating the cancer because it is designed to attack the specific part of cancer cell. Researchers are focusing on several areas to improve immunotherapy which includes: Researchers are finding solution for the resistance by testing combinations of immune checkpoint inhibitors and also few types of immunotherapy, radiation therapy, targated therapy to checking of immunotherapy resistance.

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