Immunology is a branch that covers the study of immune systems of all organisms. Immunology measures and contextualizes the functioning of immune system in states of both health and diseases. The malfunctioning of immune system is termed as immunological disorders. Immunology has various applications. It includes various disciplines of medicine, especially in organ transplantation, oncology, rheumatology, virology, psychiatry, and dermatology. Early physicians characterized organs that would be considered as essential components of the immune system. This contains the thymus, bone marrow, and chief lymphatic tissues such as spleen, tonsils, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, adenoids, and liver. When health conditions worsen, immune system organs can be surgically excised for examination. Most of the components of immune system are cellular in nature. They are not related to any specific organ, but are embedded or circulating in various tissues throughout the body.


Many diseases become deadliest due to lack of immunity in patients. It is important to take care of patient’s immunity along with the nature of disease. Researchers are trying to find out how to develop immunity naturally. A recent study on this field have founded a group of compounds that mixes direct antibiotic killing of pan drug-resistant pathogens with a rapid immune response for combatting antimicrobial resistance. During this pandemic situation, another important study has acknowledged that those that were infected with COVID-19 virus will have immune memory for a minimum of six months, to guard against infection. This study shows that vaccines against this virus can work for longer periods.

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