Immunization Challenges

Immunization is the process by which an individual's immune system becomes stimulated against pathogens or foreign particles and naturally by the administration of a vaccine. Immunization helps to protect the child from pathogenic diseases. It helps to reduce the disease spread to others. Vaccines that stimulate the body immune system to protect the person against from the infections or diseases. Babies are born with natural immune system. They get from their mother through breast feeding.

The nation’s immunization systems are facing the serious challenges. Some of these demands include sufficient current rates of coverage with the addition of new vaccines and more costly vaccines to the immunization schedule, an increase in the number of people to serve as a result of references for adolescent and adult vaccination and alterations in the health care delivery system.

Human vaccine development remains challenging because of the highly cultured evasion mechanisms if pathogens for which vaccines are not yet available. The key goal of immunization Agenda 2030 are to make vaccination available to everyone, everywhere, by 2030. Discovery of newer vaccine is a continuous process and it is not going to stop. Newer vaccines are need today, some of the vaccines are prepared and immune us for health tomorrow.

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