HIV Vaccines

A vaccine is also called as shot or immunization. These are substances which will teach the immune system to recognize and fight against the harmful bacteria or viruses. Vaccines given before you get infected to the diseases are celled preventive vaccine or prophylactic vaccine and you get them while you are healthy. Preventive vaccines are used to prevent the diseases such as measles, rubella, influenza, hepatitis A and B and human papilloma virus. Currently there is no vaccine available for preventing and treating the HIV infection. However, scientists are working on HIV vaccine development. Some research centers are investing in multiple approaches to threaten and prevent HIV by the effective and safe prevention of HIV vaccine. The research efforts having the two late stage, multinational vaccine trials called imbokoda and mosaic. There are two characteristics in development of HIV vaccines. An empirical approach is used in development and experiment to immediately changing of vaccine candidates into human clinical trials. The research to develop to preventive HIV was renovate in 2009 when results from the large RV144 trail showed for the first time of analysis of vaccine regimen could advise a degree of protection against HIV infection.

In theoretical approach the developing of HIV vaccine depends on the theory, and which involves in the introducing and understanding of immune system responses through vaccination. Some of theoretical approaches aim to prevent HIV infection be producing neutralizing antibodies. Research on HIV prevention vaccines is providing information on the possible use of vaccine in therapeutic interventions and is used to cooperative with antiretroviral therapies, which leads to decreasing in the cost of treatments and increase in their long term efficacy.


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