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Influenza vaccines are also called as Flu shots. These vaccines are used to protect the body from infections causing influenza virus. Influenza is an acute respiratory illness which affects the upper &b lower respiratory tract and caused by influenza virus. Influenza vaccines can be developed twice a year, as the influenza viruses’ changes rapidly and their effectiveness will be also changes from year to year. Usually influenza A & B type of viruses are obtained, in that influenza A virus may cause pandemic characterized by fast diffusion of a new and  destructive influenza A subtype to which there is a small or not existing immunity. There are several licensed influenza vaccines are available. There are several vaccines which are developed against animal influenza a viruses- Influenza strains are used to treating at greater risk of causing a future pandemic. Due to consistent changing of circulating influenza viruses, Influenza vaccines will be prepared annually.

Usually vaccines are safe and sometimes fever occurs in 5-10% of children vaccinated. Commonly muscle pains or tiredness may occur as well. Although most of the influenza vaccines are produced by using the eggs, still there are recommended to those who are having egg allergies. The vaccines appear in inactive and weakened viral forms. Live weakened vaccine is usually not recommended to pregnant women’s, adults older than 50years and below 2years children. Flu seasons can be also changes depending on where you are living. Flu season may run from October to May. You should get vaccinated as soon as vaccine becomes available.

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